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e3k46 History

Why Colonization was Bad for India?

When we think of the colonial era a lot of us think of looting. The image is like someone coming with big gunny bags and filling it with precious jewels taking the next boat. The reality was different. Only a dumb bank robber would bring guns and rob a bank branch – risking life for [...]

willy-brandt-kniefall-warschauer-ghetto-jpg War History

Contrasting attitudes of Japan and Germany in apologizing for their crimes in World War II.

Germany apologized and had a change of heart only after World War II. It was unapologetic before the World War II. After the First World War, it was fuming and felt wounded. That is how Hitler was able to make an entry. How do you explain Hitler’s rise to power given his unusual background? Japan’s position [...]

1987-stock-market-crash-newspaper Economics

Where did the trillions of dollars of wealth wiped off global stock markets go?

To understand wealth, you need to understand what  an asset is. Simply stated an asset is anything that can produce cash in the future. The key element here is “future” – the land of uncertainty. Thus, wealth always depends on predictions & expectations. When these changes the value also changes. Let’s say you built a great app for [...]

vietnam-war War History

What are the historical background and consequences of Vietnam War?

Causes War on Communism US and Western Europe have always been against Communist revolutions. Communism appeared only a theoretical threat until 1917, when Russia succumbed to Communism through the October revolution. The Tsar was violently thrown away by a group led by Vladmir Lenin. This reality of Communism and its violent approach towards existing rulers [...]

gita-110 Hinduism

How would you explain the essence of Bhagavad Gita?

Here is the backdrop. A great warrior who is fighting against injustice is suddenly overcome by sorrow. He had to fight a war against everyone he cared for – his cousins, teacher, uncles, classmates.. Overtaken by emotions, he attempts to give up the war. Then his Guru takes him on a lesson of a lifetime [...]

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